There are robots in your future.
The question is …
Is your future in robotics?


Have you considered the incredibly exciting possibilities that the world of robotics, the internet-of things, drones and quadcopters holds for your career and future?

This is a winning ticket to the future. Your future!!

Technology breakthroughs come in waves and you have the perfect opportunity to catch the next wave at the beginning – the wave of robotics. If you are in high school, college or university and you love technology, i.e. smartphones, computers, software and gadgets then this is for you. This is your ticket to a rewarding and fulfilling career.

To help you understand just how important robotics is about to become you need look at the evolution of a number of different products and technologies and where they are now.




Canon_pellixcassette recorder

iphone-37856_640 (1)

In the early days of camera and audio recording and playback equipment only the very rich or those who’s job it was, had cameras or audio equipment.  Today billions of people have this technology in their smartphones and use it on a daily basis.

In the same way soon millions of people will have many robots to help them to do many chores. By 2025 BMW will be selling driverless delivery vehicles. Imagine no more driver jobs. BUT there will be many new jobs and careers in robots to make it possible.

Welcome to your future in robotics

Eric Aguilar order 111211 Group photos in Mars Yard MER DTM, Marie Curie, MSL DTM, Matt and Wes photog: Dutch Slager

photog: Dutch Slager


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We will help you reach for the sky!!

So Lets, Experiment. Experience. Excel !